's No Spam Policy strives not to be a pest to its current or potential customers. wants to be there when you need it, but not when you don't. does not send unsolicitted mass-generated emails. There have been occasions and probably continue to be occasions where I email a potential customer because I have specific knowlege that business may be interested in what I have to offer. Otherwise, all emails I send will be because the client has indicated, in one way or another, that he or she is not adverse to being so contacted. has phoned businesses to obtain approval and information for its various volunteer projects, for example: However, does not mass-telemarket. as a new and unknown business, does, on occasion, send unsolicited mail to customers it believes may be interested in's services. Why? I feel that mail is the least invasive method of individual customer marketing. The potential customer may read what I have to offer at leisure and is under no obligation to respond.

If you feel that is being a pest to you or your business, even a little bit, please let me know immediately.

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