's Services and Prices produces effective websites at competitive prices. These sites can range from basic sites consisting of a couple of promotional pages to large hierarchical sites including personalized html, JavaScript and even Java™ programming.

Once the website is produced is immediately positioned to manage many other promotional services for your company. can design and deliver or submit promotional devices, such as


Marketing and Promotional Services
Basic Web Site includes:
  • Assessment Interview(s)
  • Web Page Design
  • Promotional Write-Up
  • Logo reconstruction
  • Contact (Address, phone number, ... )
  • Promotional Picture, (one-shoot, one location)
  • Basic Search Engine Promotion
Basic Web Site $120.00
Hosting per Month: including one textual content update. 3.75
URL Rental, registration: per Month, (charged yearly) 4.50
Additional Pictures: including presentation on Website with appropriate navigation. Per shoot 18.50
Per shoot location 20.00
Per city ( 5 - 25mi from Lohrville ) 20.00
Premium Logo Design
  • Concept Interview
  • Design of several options
  • Proof Interview
  • Final Design
Premium Logo Design 95.00
Additional Redesigns 22.50
Computer and Networking Support Services
  • General trouble shooting,
  • Need analysis,
  • Technology advice,
  • Purchasing,
  • Installing equipment or software,
  • Training,
  • any other computer oriented work.
On location (house call)
Per hour
2nd hour is free!
Why is computer service so expensive?
6 prepaid house calls (up to 2 hours each ) 99.00
Sometimes there are less expensive alternatives to house calls, Call

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