Why Adaza.com is different

I moved to Lohrville, IA after having taught computer science and directed computer departments in international high schools in Europe for many years. I found the same problem in all the schools I worked for, again and again:

  1. The school would buy a computer product from one company.
  2. The school would a different product from another company.
  3. Then the school would discover that it didn't have the necessary expertise, so it would hire a third company to make the two products work together.
  4. Now each of the three companies had two other companies to blame for why the system didn't work.
  5. The end result was that the school had paid a lot of money to three companies and it still did not have an effective working system.

Does this sound familiar?

Adaza.com does not sell products. Adaza.com provides solutions. Adaza.com will meet with you to determine your needs and goals, and resources. It will then provide a "wholistic" solution within your budget, and it won't send you the bill until the solution is working for your business.

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